Sillamäe will get the two-level crossroads

A large-scale construction works are going on the Tallinn-Narva Highway E20, passing through the town of Sillamäe - the Estonian Road Department develops the two-level junction there.


During the implementation of the project the crossing of road Sillamäe-Vaivara/L.Tolstoi Street with the Tallinn-Narva road will be settled on two different levels.


This highway, on which almost 8400 vehicles moves per day, currently crosses also with the railway of the Port of Sillamäe. The new intersection will send the road traffic under the railway.


Within the framework of the project the road safety increases in the region of Sillamäe and people of the city and the transit transport no longer have to wait on the crossroads for freight train. In addition, the movement of trucks to the port of Sillamäe becomes smoother and will not interfere with another transport.


Of the project cost of seven million euros, 85 per cent is financing from of the European Commission and the object will be completed estimably in August 2017.


Sketch design of intersection Sillamäe:





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