The producers of building materials visited Sillamäe

The Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia held November 5 at the House of culture of the city of Sillamäe its autumn general meeting.


Traditionally there at the general meeting was discussed a plan of action and budget for the next year, but into the agenda was included also the presentation of the port of Sillamäe, as well as visiting the town of Sillamäe. Furthermore, the representative of Swedbank did an interesting report about the possible developments in the year 2016.


About the possibilities of Sillamäe port and its multifunctional Terminal Silsteve in handling imported and exported building materials said members of the Board of those enterprises Margus Vähi and Jaanus Paas.


The event was attended by over 40 persons from 30 enterprises of building materials. It is rather possible that manufacturers of construction materials have found better opportunities to supply its products to its trading partners in other countries, as well as to obtain raw materials.



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