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SILPORT is located:
  • in the North-East of Estonia;
  • on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland;
  • 25 km from EU-Russia border;
  • 3 km from Tallinn – St. Petersburg railroad;
  • 0.5 km from Tallinn – St. Petersburg highway.
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Extensive hinterland infrastructure network of roads and rail tracks facilitates an operative supply of the neighbouring markets as if from a "backyard distribution centre":

  • 180 km from Tallinn, Estonia;
  • 175 km from St. Petersburg, Russia;
  • 875 km from Moscow, Russia;
  • 1230 km to Kiev, Ukraine;
  • 393 km to Riga, Latvia;
  • 660 km to Vilnius, Lithuania;
  • 100 km from Kotka and Hamina, Finland.
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