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The development of the port of Sillamäe started in September 2003.

Already in October 14, 2005 port was opened for the navigation and at the same time received the permission to use the railway tracks inside the port.

The port has the international security certificate ISPS.

In June 2008, the port moved to work in the regime of a free customs zone.

In 2012 a regular ferry service between Sillamäe and Ust-Luga was opened.

In the infrastructure of the port has invested around 200 million euros during 10 years. In addition, around the same amount has invested in the development of terminals at the port. Construction work continues.

The cargo turnover of the port reached 7.5 and the railway station 6.7 million tons in 2014.

Today at the port of Sillamäe works 140 and in the terminals and other companies related to the port, in addition approximately 1 000 people. 90% of them are the residents of Ida-Viru County and more than half of them are from the town of Sillamäe. It is expected that, in the context of the launch of the container terminal, opening of ferry service between Sillamäe and Kotka, and due to the increase of turnover hundreds of people more will get job.

In July 2013, a new tradition was born - the annual sea days of Sillamäe. During the first sea days one of the largest and most beautiful in the world sailing ship Kruzenshtern visited port of Sillamäe. The reception was organized on board and many guests of sea days had the opportunity to visit it.