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News  /  Arhive  /  2016  /  DNB has backed development of a terminal in the port of Sillamäe

DNB has backed development of a terminal in the port of Sillamäe


Four new warehouse complexes were put into operation by August 2016 at AS SilSteve, the multifunctional terminal in the Port of Sillamäe. DNB bank allocated 4,2mln. EUR for the terminal’s infrastructure development.


Extension of the bulk cargo terminal, including launching of 4 new covered warehouse complexes and purchase of a piling conveyor, is the biggest investment the terminal made in the last two years.


„There were total of 5,6 mln. EUR invested in the development of the terminal, of which 4,2mln. EUR is loaned by DNB“, - said a board member of AS SilSteve, Mr. Jaanus Paas.


Putting the new shiploader into service made it possible for the terminal to perform almost loss-free loading operations simultaneously on different quays.


„Moreover, now we are able to load much bigger vessels“, added Mr.Paas. After putting of four new warehouse complexes into operation the total number of bulk cargo warehouses has reached 10 and the total bulk cargo covered warehouses floorage - 40 000m2.


“Auxiliary piling equipment involved in cargo discharging from wagons to warehouses makes it possible to optimize piling height and increase warehouse storage capacity approximately 20%.”, said Jaanus Paas.